Monday, July 24, 2017

Instagram And I Ran Away

Yes that is right- I ran away with Instagram (I @thedazzlebomb) and took a little break from the blog. I needed a creative breather and focusing on taking pictures of things I love was helpful. No sewing or making anything,  just lots of pretty pictures! Since Im back though I thought I would share some of that with you so hopefully you will feel enticed to follow me on Instagram too! And I promise not to go away for so long again. In fact I have a couple of projects coming up to blog about including a huge dream catcher I am making, a picture frame of faux plants and of course shoes and some new fashion finds.

This is what I was trying to achieve during my break:
BEING FABULOUS!!! Aren't these so cute!?

Of course most of my IG account is pictures of shoes because thats my favorite thing and what I collect but I have also recently made some adorable make up purchases. I found the most amazing iridescent highlighter recently. Its like unicorn magic or fairy dust! It changes color with the movement of the light and really makes your face glow!

That brush though!
It's called Stila Heavens Hue in Transcendence. This image does not do it justice at all. I need to do some swatch tests to show you. And that brush is called the Frushy brush. I have two because it is hands down the best brush for applying foundation. It gets every nook and cranny. The other most popular new item on my makeup table is Too Faced Natural Love eyeshadow palette. One could fall in love with it simply because the packaging is amazingly beautiful but the shadows don't let you down. They are highly pigmented and the colors are unique. Here is a sample of whats inside:

Who names these? I want their job!
Another reason I was taking a break is because I turned the big 4-0 this month and I spent much time celebrating and shopping! Of course I shopped mostly for shoes but I also found a couple of cute things in random places. Like this adorable doggy planter at Forever21!

It goes perfectly with my doggy ring holder! And its my favorite color of blue.

I have so much stuff I want to share with you and show you but I can't put it all in one blog entry. I have so many new thrift finds for instance. Im going to try them all on and style them and get some fabulous pictures in these new finds and I will make a whole blog entry all about that. Its amazing the brands and steals you can find thrifting! Little secret- I find almost all my 100% silk dresses while thrifting. Im not sure why so many of them get donated but I find perfect condition beautiful dresses that never go out of style.

Well I better get to styling and taking some pics so I shall leave you with a picture of my new favorite shoes! They are made by Wild Diva Lounge and you can find them at AMIClubwear. Super easy to walk in and really comfortable:

Much love! Until the next round.....

And dont forget to follow me on Instagram @thedazzlebomb!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Try Products For Free!

I love getting free stuff- I mean- who doesn't right?! I found Influentser online and signed up. This is a website where you fill out some surveys about yourself and they match you up with products you may possibly be interested in. They send you a box of sample or full size items and all you have to do is use them and post about it! Its pretty simple and really fun. Its like getting presents in the mail.

I have done two campaigns so far I am really enjoying it. Currently I am working on the "Daisy Vox Box" and I love that one of the things they sent me was non-GMO popcorn! Oh and yogurt. I love food!

I had also just run out of coconut shampoo and probiotic gummies and guess what was in my box?! Coconut scented shampoo and probiotic gummies! Amazing timing Influenster!

If you have a little extra time for free stuff you should try it out!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thrifty Shoe Fashion

I thrift shop for a lot of my clothes. It's a great way to find something unique and in good shape and all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine and it's good to go! It's also a great way to find high end designer fashion at a fraction of the cost. There is just something thrilling about scoring a good deal. It's like a treasure hunt! The only thing I rarely purchase while thrifting is shoes. First of all the last thing I really need is more shoes to add to my collection of over 400 pairs, right!? Right. Secondly, I have always felt like wearing used shoes was a little weird. I mean... someones foot has been in them! Maybe yuck or maybe not yuck depending on how one feels personally about other peoples feet. I do make some exceptions though and shoes that look unworn are a-ok in my book. Oh and a bottle of rubbing alcohol can make them feel less questionable! Just use a cotton swab and wipe down the insides of the shoes.

So now I will show you what I recently found at a couple thrift stores in my area! The first pair were brand new and unworn with the tags attached. They are by Madden Girl and I spent $6.99 for these. Im in love with the floral print and the lace up design. I don't own any shoes like these, surprisingly.

Yes that is a drunk puppy on my ankle. Don't ask- its a long story and as far as Im concerned what happens in Orlando stays in Orlando!

This next pair is BCBGMaxaria and I scored these pretties for $5.99. They didn't have tags but appeared entirely unworn based on how the soles looked. I really didn't need more strappy gold heels but they were so simple and pretty... and cheap!

And the last pair are not new at all. In fact they are somewhat old but looked as though they had not been worn much. They are in great condition, and made of fabric-wrapped leather. The puffy fur tops are real fur (second hand is the only way I will buy real fur), and they have a line of rhinestones across the top that you can't really see in this image. Even the soles are made of leather which I found unusual. I love how vintage they look. They were the most expensive pair I picked up at $8 but there was a half off sale that day so I snagged these for $4!

So there you have it- my latest thrift haul!

Do you ever score shoes while thrifting? Feel free to leave a comment with a pic!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Shoedazzle Top Picks for April!

Im super excited to finally see some sunshine again after this long dreary winter we had here in Portland Oregon! Im also super excited about some of the new spring releases at Shoedazzle. So many colors and wonderful prints! And the great thing is these style can all be worn casually with jeans or you can dress them up with a cute summer dress! I plan on doing both as we move into summer. I am so ready for summer arent you!?

I am really hoping they release the red version of these in May (I saw a pic of the red ones online):

Joda is strappy and sexy and looks pretty comfortable as the straps provide extra support at the ankles.

Do you need a summer tote or new beach bag? Well this bag, Jae, has you covered! Super cute print! I can't resist cute animal prints!

Another amazing spring to summer print is the popular lemon! Shoedazzle has you covered in this department with several handbags and shoes in the lemon print to choose from. In particular is the Dress clutch. I have this bag and its fairly large so there is plenty of space.

Get Rayna to match Drei! Almost a kitten heel!

And it wouldn't be spring to summer without a beautiful flat shoe! Im going to vouch for this cutie Jovanka! She comes in multiple colors and the jewel detail is so pretty!

Use my referral link here to get 75% off your first purchase if you sign up as a VIP! Its worth it- tons of sales and amazing styles!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shoedazzle Best For February!

Its the beginning of the year and Shoedazzle has started out fresh with some amazing new items to shop! I want to share my top 5 picks for this month because as you have probably figured out Im a total shoe junkie (well fashion junkie is more like it.)

First up is Jasmina:

These are some of my own images of her. I love the stripes against the block of color and can't wait to wear her out!

How cute are these flats!? Ambur is perfect for a casual day out or date night with a cute short dress!

Not to skip over the clothing, I want to show you this blue suede dress that has a retro feel to it:

Everyone is dying over this embroidered bomber jacket in pink. Super cute and also a bit retro! I love retro, did I mention that!?

I definitely dont want to leave out hand bags so here is my current favorite Cedar. I love the light peach color and the shape of this bag. It also looks like it has plenty of room without being oversized.

Can you see any of these in your future? If so there is a sale going on right now for 40% off everything on the site so you should click on my referral link: and shop till you drop! They also have accessories so be sure to check that out too!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Newest Thrift Haul

I listed this post under both Hacks and Fashion because I think thrifting is a way to hack for a good deal on items and I also got some cute things for my daughter to wear so... fashion! I love going thrifting and try to do so often. The thrill of hunting for treasure is so much fun and it totally pays off when you find something really good on the cheap.

This week I went to two local small thrift shops that I dont normally find a lot of treasure at but I still stop by occasionally because the prices are appropriately low, unlike at Goodwill. One was having a half off sale on everything. I scored pretty big this time. I recently broke the insert to my slow cooker which I use frequently. I was hoping to find another slow cooker while thrifting so that I could find a new insert for less than $20. I found a new slow cooker for $10. Perfect condition. Even better than the one I have! Its larger than mine so I won't be able to use the insert on mine but I dont mind having two of different sizes and at $10 I won't be sad if I just use this new one from now on.

I feel like I should excuse a couple of these images- I took them on my iPhone in low light so one is a bit blurry and two are sideways. But you'll get the point!

Oh the yummy things I will cook in you!

I have been looking for a salad spinner for a long time now and I finally found the perfect one for $1!

Spin salad spin!

And this cutting board! Exactly what I needed to replace my old one and only $1.50!

I have to clean it still but its in great condition!

Candles for $1.50 or less and one even has the accompanying Bath and Body Works candle holder included- those things aren't cheap.

And finally some of my favorite finds are these two dresses I found for my mini-me. One is a princess themed dress from the Disney store and the other is Osh Kosh Bgosh for kids. $3 each and $3 for the like-new Hello Kitty shoes.

I promise she'll wear it right side up! ;)

I need to break out the iron, I know!

We love Hello Kitty!

Thats the haul for this week! Pretty stoked!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Favorite Fashion Retailer List

A list of my favorite online places to shop!

The most stressful part of the holidays is over and I can finally sit down for a moment to reflect on this last years fashion awesomeness! I thought I would tell you about my favorite shopping websites for clothes and shoes.

I shop from here the most for clothes- they are cheap and cute and trendy and I love their accessories!

I mostly shop here for shoes, because they have an amazing selection and often have great shoes sales! I have ordered clothes a few times though and was very happy with what I got. Similar to F21, but more shoes selections.

I absolutely LOVE this store's selection of dresses and accessories! A little more spendy, but great
quality and lovely unique items!

Shoe Metro
Just what it sounds like- a lot of shoes!!!

I love all the shoe clubs but SD has by far the best customer service of any company I have ever shopped from. The shoes are the best in quality and style, in my opinion. Fun website and even more fun if you check out and like the Facebook page!

Not to be outdone by SD, JF is pretty awesome! The shoes are beautiful and this site and it's Facebook page are really fun as well. Not to mention the have very fast exchanges and an easy search function.

Another monthly shoe club, this one a little higher end and more expensive. Super beautiful shoes, really high quality. I might not order as often but when I do its sooo worth it!

Sole Society
Another monthly shoe club, also higher quality and a tad more expensive. No skipping the month here though!

Similar to F21 and CR, but not as good quality. I order from this site occasionally for dresses.

Deb Shops
Similar to Charlotte Russe, Forever21 and Papaya. Large selection for dresses and shoes, low prices.

Another cheap trendy shopping spot. I haven't ordered from here yet, as I just discovered it, but Im liking what I see!

I only order shoes from this site. I have heard from friends that the clothes aren't very good quality and the customer service and returns are terrible. I had good luck with a recent shoe purchase, however.

A tad more expensive than F21 or CR, but along the same lines as far as fashion. I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from this site. Great quality! Love this site!

I have not shopped here yet, but I have been checking out their site. I see good sale and some cute stuff to be had!

I love this shop! I have ordered quite a few times from here and have always been very happy!

SO CUTE! I like this site for the shoes. Great resource for those looking to dress retro!

A cheap shop for cute trendy fashion. I order from here occasionally, but I'm not as into the style of their clothing.

I'm sure you are all aware of this one, but it is worth mentioning how great the shoe selection is online!

Make Me Chic
Deals of the day, coupon codes and a huge variety make this great for shoe addicts!

Another site with deals of the day, coupon codes, and a huge selection! Shoe addicts beware! Your credit card might explode from the heat!

6 PM .com
Great for sales shoes- this time you can grab some for that special man in your life too!

Kind of like 6PM, great for shoes sales!

Rickety Rack
Super cute dresses! Not a huge selection of shoes, but they have some very cute ones!

Shiekh Shoes
Oh Boy! You have hit the mother load! I have yet to see a selection as huge as theirs with sales as cheap as theirs! And when I went in store they had a BuyOneGetOneFree sale on boots! Customer service leaves MUCH to be desired, but I would order again after the bounty I scored last time!

Brunella Shoes
Not big on selection, but cute and great sales!

A huge selection of designer shoes, clothes and accessories for much less! And they use coupon codes! Definitely browse this retailer! They will even hook you up in your own city!

Dr Jays
Great selection, reminds me of Karmaloop. They have coupon codes but disappointingly, they don't work with almost any of the shoes. Worth checking out however, for sure!

I love the dresses here. They carry unique style I dont find in any US retailer. Its over seas so the shipping does take longer but that has never bothered me. Be careful to read the size charts because the clothing tends to run small and return shipping is on you.