Sunday, January 26, 2014

2 Easy Tilapia Recipes

I cook tilapia often- its light and not too fishy as well as easy and fast to bake. Here are my two favorite recipes.

Herb baked tilapia:

2 tilapia fillets
cayenne pepper
black pepper

In a baking dish I place the herbs on the bottom- cilantro, chopped chives and dill. I don't chop the dill or cilantro.

I place the fish fillets on top.

I squeeze lemon on top.

I shake pepper, cayenne and salt on top to taste.

Then I bake for 30 min at 350. If I have 4 fillets or really thick fillets I bake for about 35 min. You can always pull them out at 30 min and use a fork to see how it looks. Tilapia cooks fast so I wouldn't go longer than 40 min unless your fillet is very thick and you think its needs more time.

Salsa Tilapia:

I use Arriba! Fire Roasted Hot Salsa.

Cover fillets.

Cook with above cooking directions.

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