Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun Wooden Board Scenes

Shopping for a christmas present for my Dad is impossible. So rather than buy him anything he doesn't need, or want, I decided I would make him something more personal. I decided to make a car sales lot named after him because his favorite thing is cars. I made a snowy one because it was christmas.

You need:
a wooden board
toy cars
fake snow (optional)
paint for the board, the building and the sign
necklace chain
small wooden dowels for the chain link fence posts
fake bushes
metallic pipe cleaners
mini street lights
cardboard to make the building
a sponge brush for its wooden stick (for the sign post)
a mini chalkboard for the sign
a hot glue gun

I found all of this stuff at Michael's Crafts, the Dollar Tree and the Party Store

I painted the board a dark grey to look like concrete. Once it was dry I figured out where I would place everything.

Then I cut up card board and hot glued it together to create a building and painted it with a door, a window and "Holiday Sale" on the window. Gluing the building together can be tricky. If it helps, use clear tape to stick it together and then use some hot glue on the inside creases. I made a simple rectangle shaped building. Once it's dry hot glue it to your board.

Then I removed the sponge brush from the top of the stick it's attached to. I glued the mini chalk board to the top of one end of the stick and painted the stick silver. I painted "Mel's Auto Sales" onto the mini chalk board.

I glued the sign and the fake bushes to the board close to the building.

Next I painted and glued the little wooden dowels around the edges of the board and left an opening at one end for an entrance. I glued the necklace chains to the tops of the dowels and left enough of the chain to hang down a little bit between the dowels. At each side of the entrance I glued a mini street light.

After all that is dry I glued the cars to the board in a slanted row on each side. After that is dry I used the sponge from the sponge brush to coat the tops of the cars, the top of the sign, the top of the building, and the exposed board with Mod Podge. I then sprinkled fake snow over all of it and lightly pressed it down with my fingertips.

The last thing I did was cut the metallic pipe cleaners and glue them from the sign to the building at at the entrance. You can put them wherever you like.

Here are some close-ups.

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