Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Idea For Old Cards

Not sure what to do with old holiday cards or those cards you got from your baby shower or wedding? This craft is what I did with the cards from my baby shower. They had been sitting in a basket for saving but were collecting dust so I decided to use them to help decorate my baby's nursery.

What you need:
a multi picture frame of your choice
tape or glue
some colored paper of your choice
your old cards
paint and paint brush (optional)

I decided to paint an old multi pic frame I had lying around the same color as my nursery walls. You don't have paint your frame if its already the color you want.

While the paint dries, cut out the picture from the from of the cards you have. Some cards will work better for this project than others. I ended up only using a handful of the cards from my baby shower for this. You need to cut them to a size slightly larger than the picture spaces in the frame, or use a colored piece of paper as a background.

After your frame is dry open it up and tape or glue your card pictures to the back of the matte that came inside the frame (sometimes its not a matte but just paper with spaces for the pictures.) I suggest using tape so that if you don't get one centered just right you can redo it easily.

Once you have all the pictures in place carefully put your frame back together!

Here is a not so great image of the one I did. I couldn't fit in the side edges. I will update later with a better picture when the sun is out!

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