Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bottle Brush Scenes

Over the holidays I rediscovered my love of crafts and anything hands-on creative. As a fine artist in my professional life, I needed a space where I could create for pure fun and kitsch. Also to remodel old things, make things for my daughters room and update my home with DIY decor. One project lead to another and now I want to share my projects so others can enjoy the fun of crafting and DIY products.
I will back up in time and start with some of my christmas crafts first! I got one of my best ideas from one of my favorite craft bloggers Kelly Lee Housewifery. Bottle brush animal scenes. I recommend using the directions in Kelly Lee's blog here. Most of the supplies can be found at Michael's Craft store or Joann's Fabric. Or online if its out of season. I found the mirror pond at the Dollar Tree.

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