Monday, January 27, 2014

Shadow Framed Button Letter

What you need:
A hinged wooden shadow frame (its opens like a door)
a lot of buttons
mod podge
paint brush
hot glue gun 
letter stencil (I made mine in photoshop and then printed it and cut it out)

The first thing I did was cut out my letter stencil and trace it onto the inside of my frame with a pencil. 

Then I painted Mod Podge onto the inside (except the letter) and sprinkled glitter all over it. I sprinkled on a lot of glitter and then gently shook it side to side to evenly disperse the glitter. I gave it a little time to dry and then I gently knocked the excess glitter into a bowl. 

Next I sprayed it over with hairspray to seal the glitter on.

Paint the inside sides of the frame a similar color to the glitter.

I did not do this next step but I highly recommend it- paint the letter a similar color to your buttons. That way any spaces you can see through the buttons won't be obvious.

After everything dries start hot gluing the buttons onto the letter.

I layered a lot of buttons on top of each other to cover any background spaces that can be seen through the buttons. I also like the look of them layered.

Let that dry for a bit. Then use a darker paint to paint the outside of the frame, and outside sides of the frame. I mixed the paint with some water to keep it light so that it was almost a stain. Be careful not to drip any paint onto the inside of the frame when you do this. Either sit it upright or use a magazine or piece of paper to cover the inside while you paint.

Let dry and hang!

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