Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Easy Cupcake Cloche

This is the easiest craft I have ever made. And cheap too! I placed a tea light in mine because I don't currently have cupcakes made!

You need:

A fish bowl from Dollar Tree (they have varying sizes so I got a medium/small sized one- just large enough to cover a cupcake)

A flat glass candle holder from Dollar Tree

A candle stick holder also from Dollar Tree

A topper for a handle. The tutorial I got the idea from used a cheap wooden knob but I spent $3 at Home Depot for a vintage plastic cabinet handle shaped like a diamond. 

Spray paint 

E6000 glue or glass glue

I spray painted the candle stick holder and the flat glass candle holder. I only painted the back side of the flat candle holder because the cupcake sits on the other side. 

Once your paint dries glue the top of the candle stick holder to the bottom side of the flat candle holder. Glue your knob to the bottom of the fish bowl like in the image above.

Let dry for a few hours before using.

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