Saturday, March 1, 2014

Its The Little Things

I have a large crafting project that I finished but haven't installed in its eventual home and so I haven't posted recently. I have been waiting to get it set up so I have the end result image to show you. In the mean time I have a couple new things to post about. One is not so much a craft but a decorating idea. I have a large white bowl on the bar of my kitchen and a bunch of empty cleaned out Bath and Body Works candle jars. I usually fill the bowl with some sort of seasonal decoration balls. I wasn't sure what to use for spring and summer but I wanted to add some color to the kitchen. Thats when I saw these plastic fake lemons at Dollar Tree. I love that place for this sort of stuff! I got about twelve of the big lemons and a few packages of the small lemons and put them in both the large white bowl and one of my empty candle jars. I love the bright color in my kitchen!

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