Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tea Party Cake Stand

I found this idea on Dollar Store Crafts. One tutorial for this idea is for making a lamp which would be really cute but I wanted something a little easier. The tutorial I liked is for a cake stand. I also have seen one made into a bird bath which is also a great idea! I decided to make mine a little taller than the one in the linked tutorial. I used a bowl, plate, teapot, sugar dish, tea cup, two tea plates and a creamer pot. I got them at Goodwill. You can also find dishes at Dollar Tree that would be good for this project. 

You need:

E6000 glue
Spray paint

I started by stacking them until I found a combination I liked that was also level and even on all sides.

Then I glued them together one piece at a time. It takes a little patience for the glue to dry with each piece but it's important. You can use the ruler and level with each piece to make sure you have them straight and to make sure they aren't tipping to one side. I gave it a day to dry before priming it with white primer. You don't want it to fall apart when moving it to paint it. 

It took a few coats of primer. Do not prime or paint the top of your cake plate because that is where your food will be sitting. Unless you use food safe paint. I first painted it while it was upside down and then used a paper plate to cover the top when I painted it right side up. After I primed it I waited another day before painting it blue.

Mine has a few dripping glue spots under the cake plate. My creamer dish wasn't level on the top so I used hot glue to even out one side, but it dripped a little. Overall I like the way it turned out. I plan to use the smaller plates as cookie or fruit tiers (with paper underneath because my paint isn't food safe) and the top for cupcakes or cake! 

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