Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Picture Clock

I never know what to do for my husband on Father's Day and his birthday. He is tough to shop for. This Father's Day (today) I decided to get all DIY and make something special. I made a clock with a picture of him and our child in it. Well I didn't MAKE the clock, but I redesigned one I had laying around that I had been meaning to redo for months. I totally forgot to take pictures of the process (sorry!) but its super easy to do! I did not even spend a single penny to make it.

What you need:

a clock (mine was a small plastic one from the grocery store that I had on hand)
an image printed out (I used my printer and regular paper)
paint brush
double sided tape
exacto knife

First I disassembled the clock. Then I found an image I liked and printed it on my printer. I used the glass from the clock to outline a circle on my image and then cut the image out just slightly inside the line so that it wouldn't be too big to fit the face of the clock. After that I had to cut out a small circle in the center of the image for the hands of the clock. I used an exacto knife for that. I also cut a straight line from the small circle to the bottom of the image because I couldn't take the hands off of my clock (once the image was taped on the face of the clock the line cut in the image wasn't noticeable.) I used double sided tape to put a few strips on the back of the image and then I carefully placed the image on the clock face and pressed it down. I then painted the clock frame red and once that dried I used a small amount of white paint on a brush to barely brush on some white, to sort of "age" the frame or make it look worn. You can add numbers to your clock easily with number stickers from a craft store. I thought about doing that but decided I would leave it very minimal inside.

And thats it!

Happy Father's Day!

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