Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fairy Porch

I had this Christmas nativity porch since the holidays but didn't know what to make with it. Finally I came up with a cute idea. I made a fairy porch using some miniature items and other things from the Dollar Tree and craft stores.

I didn't take any before images (sorry!) But it was super fun to make and pretty easy to do. I first painted the nativity porch a light greenish color. The moss was already on the roof and the floor but I added a little more with hot glue. I made the front steps out of tiny canvases that I painted to look like spotty rocks. Im not the greatest painter so lets move on! I then glued the door onto the back. I spray painted the bird house and table and chairs. Once it dried I hand painted the bird house roof and post. I got all my items together and played with where I wanted them to go before I hot glued them on. Once they were glued in place I cut the "stems" off of the mushroom pins and glued them in place too. After everything dried I glued the white fence to the outside border. Then I placed a little deer nearby. I got all these miniature items at Michaels Crafts except for the log pile. I found those in my driveway!
This project was super fun and pretty easy. It took me a few hours to make it but that was mostly drying time!

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