Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

This was a really fun and easy craft. I didn't even use all the things I gathered to make this and so now Im going to make another one! I spray painted a clay pot I had purple. Then I filled it with potting soil and planted three small houseplants. Before I planted the plants though I placed my items in the pot and arranged them to see where everything would go. That way I would know where to plant my houseplants.

After that I poured in white fish tank pebbles. I spread them evenly over the surface. Next I placed my arch, chair and small rocks. Before I placed the bridge I made a river out of blue fish tank pebbles. You can also use small blue pebbles like my white ones. After I carefully placed the river I placed the bridge over it. Lastly I glued my bird onto the arch and stuck the mushroom pins into the ground where I wanted them.

Its really pretty in the sun!

Things you need:

Large pot and spray paint if you want to paint it.
Rocks and pebbles. I used rocks and pebbles I found at Dollar Tree.
Some miniature furniture. I found mine at Joanns.
Mushroom pins. Also from the miniature collection- this time at Michaels Crafts.
Mini birds from the floral sections of Michaels.
Hot glue gun for bird.
Any other items you want to use!

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