Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Wreath

Im not very experienced or great at making wreaths yet. But I like them for inside the home as well as the front door. I wanted a very inexpensive way to create one so I got all my materials from Dollar Tree. I know- based on my blog you would think I go there everyday! I almost do!

Cost: $5 (I already had the glue gun, spray paint, buttons and small sized ribbon)

You need:
Grape vine wreath
miniature pumpkins/squash
roll of fall season wire ribbon
fake loose leaves
clip on sunflower
any other ribbon you like
spray paint
glue gun

I lightly sprayed some gold paint on the wreath without totally covering it. I just wanted to add some pretty and warm sheen to the wood. It dried fast. Then I wrapped the entire thing with some thin sparkly gold ribbon. I attached it at the start and finish with a hot glue gun.
Next I glued the large bottom bow on. To make the bow I folded a foot long piece on both sides and glued the ends together in the center. Then I wrapped a small piece around the center and glued that to the back. Next I cut two medium sized pieces and attached them to the back to make the pieces that hang down. I know it would be great to have pictures of this but I made it so quickly I forgot to take any!
After the bow was made and glued to the wreath I experimented with placement of the leaves, buttons and the miniature pumpkins and squashes. I glued them on, once I was satisfied with the placement. I had to hold the pumpkins and squashes down for a minute while the hot glue dried so they wouldn't fall off.
After everything dried I clipped the sunflower on. It has an alligator clip on the back.
Thats it!

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