Friday, September 12, 2014

Epsom Salt Luminaries

These are great for Christmas time or anytime. They look frosty and cast a soft glow.

Super easy to make too! Here is what I used:

First step- to color the Epsom Salt simply separate it into different bowls for your different colors. Then place one to two drops of food color in and mix it with a fork. After its all colored pour it onto a plate and gently shake it so that it evenly covers the plate.

Then I painted a thin layer of glossy Mod Podge onto some old candle jars I had cleaned out. I rolled them on the plate covered in a thick layer of the food dyed Epsom Salt (the crystal kind not the flake kind.) Let them dry for a day.

The next day I sprayed a layer of Satin clear coat over them to help hold the salt in place. Thats it!

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