Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall/Halloween Decor

I start decorating for Halloween early every year. Its not even the 25th and Im all set up! I have been collecting decorations for a few years now. I have a pretty decent haul of things and most of it I got at Dollar Tree, thrift stores and Ross. Some of it I made. Most of it from Dollar Tree. I see no reason to spend a fortune on decor. I am going to share some images of what I have set up in my home and where I got it! The above door piece is from Ross.

I ordered this Tombstone Corners village from Dollar Tree here. It was only $10. The online set comes with 16 pieces (only one of those is a house.) For some reason it doesn't include the entire set so you can buy many more pieces (mostly houses and characters) from the actual store. The online set comes with a couple items you cannot get in-store though so it is worth ordering.
These two colored houses are not a part of that set. I got those at a thrift store for $2.

These above three images are all decor I got at Dollar Tree (I already had the bird cage.) The plastic window/door hangs are too large for any of my doors and so I hung them in front of our stairs instead. The lantern is small and comes with an LED light. The skeleton bends just enough to go inside my birdcage that hangs from the ceiling. 

These are all things I got from Dollar Tree again, except for the two larger tomb stones which came from the Party Store and the bottles of tequila that I already had.

I got all of these light-up haunted houses at thrift stores over time. All for a few bucks. Same with the pumpkin tree.

And now finally my favorite- my fireplace hearth:

I got much of this at Ross- the pumpkins, the light strand, the haunted house, the crow and the stand-up metal cat. The other cats and the tree were from a friends garage sale. The hanging items, the small pumpkins, the snow globe, the head stone and the framed picture are all from Dollar Tree.

Im crazy about fall/winter decor so Im sure next year Im going to have even more to share!

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