Friday, September 12, 2014

Refresh Old Furniture

I had mis-matched old furniture in my room that was in bad need of an overhaul or a haul out! I didn't want to buy all new things right now because if we move into a place we buy (which is in the plans) I may want to get new things that I intend to keep for a long time that are perfect for that place. So I decided to overhaul the stuff we have now. It was pretty easy and inexpensive to do. I bought spray paint and new drawer pulls and that was all the supplies I needed. I decided on the color grey because it will go with any accent colors I use in the room and so I can change my room colors easy enough without worrying about the color of my furniture. Here is the paint I used:

If I redid this project I would have used Rust-oleum primer or primer and paint in one. The HD is definitely not as good of quality. It doesn't cover as well but it did the job. Here are some before pics of my furniture. I forgot to photograph one of the end tables:

The end tables were a pretty color but were scratched up and didn't match. So while I hesitated at painting them I knew if I didn't I'd just be getting rid of them. I took the drawer pulls off, fixed any loose screws, and primed and then painted them. I let them dry outside for a day or two because they smelled. Then I put new drawer pulls on and that was it! All done. Here is the after pic:

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