Saturday, November 22, 2014

Candle Jar Christmas Decor

I buy a lot of Bath and Body Work candles and I can't stand to throw out the jars once the candles burn up so I clean them and keep them for holiday crafts. These also make great gifts! 

What you need:
miniature christmas village items or other small decor (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
any jar you like that will fit your decor- to learn how to clean an old candle jar click here
glue gun
fake snow

I used the lid of my candle jar to attach the decor to. That way I can turn the jar upside down so that light comes in and you can see it from all sides. Its more like a globe this way. All you have to do it place some drops of hot glue to the bottom of your decor and then place it in the center of your lid like this:

Let it dry and then place a drop of glue on the inside corner of two sides of your lid. Put a little fake snow in your jar and then place the lid on top. Turn it upside down and shake your snow into place. Thats it! 

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