Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Tree and Car Craft

I saw a decoration like this on a website but can't recall where I got the idea. It is a really easy craft to make. You can use any jar you like and you can even get a toy car at the Dollar Tree!

You need:
a toy car
a small bottle brush tree
fake snow
a small thread or yarn
a jar
glue gun
brown paint 

First thing I did was place the toy car in the jar and mark where the wheels sit on the bottom of the jar so I will know where to place drops of hot glue. 

Then I take the car back out.  I painted the stem of the tree brown. Then place a drop of hot glue on the top of the car where the tree will lay. I place the tree on the car and let the glue dry. After its dry I tied the thread around the tree and through  the car windows. Next I placed drops of glue at the bottom of the inside of the jar where the wheels would sit and placed the car inside on top of the glue. Let that dry. Now sprinkle fake snow inside and you are all done!

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