Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter Terrarium Globe

I got this idea from a Homes and Garden magazine and Im glad I did because I had a cracked terrarium globe sitting around waiting to be repurposed!

Here is the magazine version of this:

Super cute!
I used glue to seal the crack in the bottom of my globe. Then to hide that I coated the outside lower part of the globe with mod podge and covered that with glitter and let it dry:

The inside of my globe wasn't large enough to place all my items so I spray painted a Bath and Body Works candle lid white and glued it to the bottom like this:

Next I spray painted my deer and the cake stand I would be placing the globe on:

Before I glued the deer and tree to the bottom I glued some glitter covered leaf stems around the candle lid inside like this:

Next I glued the tree and the deer to the bottom:

Finally I covered the bottom with fake snow and tied a green glittery ribbon to the hook on the top of my globe.

Later I placed some extra pieces like a white pine cone inside and some berry stems around the globe outside. It was a super easy craft that didn't take much time except for the drying of the paint!

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