Friday, January 2, 2015

DIY Board Game for $2!

I love board games. Give me an evening with some beer or wine next to the cozy fire with some games and I am happy! My husband loves the game Go and Pente and so we decided to create our own board. It was super easy. We grabbed a piece of wood from the garage that was a perfect size to create a 19x19 intersectioned game board and made the straight lines using a pencil and a ruler. I got the stones at the Dollar Tree for $2. We use the green stones and the blue stones. Right now the board is just wood with the penciled lines but soon I will paint it and make it look prettier. I will post more pics when I do!


  1. I love Pente! We (hubby & I) are making a lighted board with plexiglass that will be awesome if...errr...when it's all done.