Saturday, January 10, 2015

DIY Window Valance

I badly needed some window valances in my kitchen. The top of the blinds are a little broken and crooked and just look bad. We rent so Im not going to spend the money to replace them. I had some left over insulation board from that time I made a DIY headboard for the bed which you can check out here. I used that and some material I got at the fabric store on sale to make the two valances I needed.

What you need:
insulation board or foam board (which is way cheaper and you can glue layers together to make it as thick as you like)
hot glue gun
tape measure
pencil or pen
no-damage velcro picture hanging tabs
exacto knife

First thing I did was measure my windows and cut my insulation board to the proper size which was just a tad bit bigger than the length of the window. Then I cut my fabric to a size that was bigger than my board pieces so that it could be wrapped around the board.

I lay the board down flat on top of the fabric. Then I wrapped each side over the board. Before I glued the edges down I cut a piece out of the fabric at each end on one side. This is where I would later stick the hanging tabs on. I then glued the edges down.

After gluing the edges down I folded the ends over and glued those down too. Mine is a little messy but no one will see the back.

It looked like this when I was done gluing:

Now I was ready to put the hanging tabs on. I used these:

I put one on each end of each of my boards where I had cut out the material and left a space. Before I put them on I glued on some pieces of foam board to make a small space between my valance and the wall when they are hung up.

Then the hard part! Hanging them up straight and even! I just measured it out and made tiny marks on the wall so I would know where to place each board.

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