Friday, January 2, 2015

Easy Christmas Craft Cookie Plate

I know I am about a week late posting this. This was super easy and quick to make. These are not real ginger bread cookies obviously but I needed something for the picture so...

What you need:
A plate with a christmas design (or not) (I got this at Dollar Tree)
A candle stick holder from Dollar Tree
White spray paint
E6000 glue

Spray paint the candle stick holder white and allow it a day to dry. After its done drying turn the plate upside down and glue the top of the candle stick the the center of the bottom of the plate. I allowed that a day to dry as well. Then I placed the plate face down on some cardboard outside and spray painted the bottom of the plate white. Yes it is already white but not the same white as the painted candle stick holder and I really wanted it to match exactly! I allowed a day for that to dry and that was it! All done. Do not paint the surface of your plate if you plan to place any food on it. I don't have any pictures of it in the process but this is pretty easy to do!

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