Saturday, January 31, 2015

Formal Dress To Pin-Up Shirt!

My mom came over with two huge bags of clothes she didn't want anymore. Thanks to her I have so much stuff to refashion! I decided to start with this black Cache size 8 polyester and spandex dress. It's too big for me but the material is great (in other words it's much easier to work with than silk!) Here is a crappy before pic. I promise to get better before pictures soon. I currently have my iPhone and bad lighting working against me.

You get the head-less Lolo pic today because my hair is just NO.

I used a white material pencil to mark where I wanted to cut the dress off.

Chalk works so much better!

Then I folded the dress in half so I could cut the hem evenly on both sides. I used my pinking shears to prevent fraying.

Usually this is where I get nervous but not this time!
So I realized after I cut the dress in half that it has a zipper in the back. OOOPS! No problem though- I simply folded the edge over and hand sewed the hem where the zipper was so that it couldn't come unzipped all the way and fall apart.

Did I mention Im not that great at hand sewing either?
Next I took it in about an inch on each side.

 After that was done I folded the hem over, pinned it and sewed it up!

It was a fairly easy refashion and pretty fast too! Here is what I have in the end:

My husband cut my head off in this one!