Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Dye It!

I dyed about 5 pieces of clothes today hoping to save or update some outdated pieces. Only one turned out. And it's not a total winner. But when refashioning I am learning you can't save them all!

I didn't get a before image because I wasn't expecting this child's dress to be the winner out of the 5 pieces. In fact I almost didn't even throw it in the dye bath. It's my daughters dress and has two small stains on the front. It was also a less than awesome tan and pink. I had tried many times to remove the stains with no luck. I figured why not try this one last thing. So in the washer it went! I used Rit navy blue and black dye mixed together.

This is the result- a sort of blue- grey. The stains are still there but barely noticeable and since my kid is going to re-stain it anyway I figure I will try to get a couple more wears out of it.

There is one other item I will post about later. It requires more than just the dye and I am hoping to still save it! 

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