Thursday, January 22, 2015

Small DIY Window Valances

We badly needed some window dressings for the windows by the front door for privacy. I decided to do another DIY window valance. These ones were going to be a little harder to pull off because they needed a long strip of fabric to cover the window in addition to the valance. 

I am totally going to move the lavender owl wreath- it no longer works there!
 I started off by measuring my windows and cutting the fabric out of two yards of fabric after measuring them out and marking them with a fabric pencil. I don't have a board on which to lay fabric and measure it so mine are a tad bit off. Since I have enough left over fabric I am probably going to redo the long pieces of fabric at some point. Because of that I didn't do anything to the edges of my fabric, but I don't think they will fray just hanging there.

Couldn't get the whole thing in the picture frame...
I then cut out two pieces of insulation board I had left over. I made sure it was a bit bigger than my windows were wide.

 Next I cut out two more pieces of fabric that I would then wrap over the edges of my insulation board pieces. I used a hot glue gun to glue the edges of the fabric down.

I left one of the top edges exposed to I could place the hanging tabs there like so:

 Before I hung the valances I used a couple of thumb tacs to pin the long pieces of fabric to the inside top of my window pane. I forgot to get an image of this, sorry! Then I pressed the valances into place just slightly above the window, being careful that they were straight and even. It was a fairly simple project not considering my long strips of fabric are slightly un-straight!

Items needed:
foam board or something similar
glue gun
measuring tape
fabric pencil to mark your measurements
thumb tacs if you chose to hang your curtain strips that way
damage free hanging tabs

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