Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Long Formal To Mini Mod Dress

Ok here I am making a dorky face in this long formal dress my mom gave me in a size 10.

Hi I'm drowning!
This dress is polyester and acetate. Easy enough to work with but doesn't iron very well! I don't have much use for super long formal dresses and this one was also just too big. I love the straight across neck line and the low back on this dress though. The finished version feels a bit mod to me!

I got to pinning.

What should I name my dress form?

And drawing lines with chalk, in case my pins come out!

See chalk is so much better than my material pencil!

 Then I sewed those pinned sides! Afterwards I tried it on and drew a chalk line where I wanted to cut the length off. I cut it off, pined the hem and sewed that. Tried it on. It wasn't as short as I hoped so I took it off and rolled the hem up some more and sewed some more!



After the hem was finished I tried it on and finally liked the results. I rarely cut off the extra material when I take the sides in BTW. Normally I don't feel the need to because I can't feel or see the extra material- and then if I ever want to take it back out I can!

Here is the after shot:


  1. Very nice.I love your seamed stockings too. They finish the outfit nicely.