Sunday, February 22, 2015

Make It Mini!

So I have this dress that is just a little too big and a little too long and a little too conservative for me. But I love the print and the colors. Also the material is a stretchy fabric that doesn't fray. Win!

Hi kid! Hi dogs!
So first I stuck it on my dress form and pinned the sides in.

As you can see I forgot to turn it inside out. This meant I had to take out all the pins and redo! So just remember- always turn the clothing inside out! So once I turned it around and re did all the pins I was ready to sew those sides in!


Now you got it!
I don't like dresses that come to my knees so I cut off some of the length with my pinking shears.

Then I sewed a hem using the zig-zag stitch so the material could still stretch.

And that was it! I tried it on and its super cute. It's a tad short though. So now I have to decide if I should make it even shorter and call it a shirt, or just leave it as is and wear it with leggings. What do you think I should do?

Yep, another headless "its not a good hair day" after pic!

So- make it a shirt or add leggings?
Once I make a final decision I will wear it out somewhere and add a new image!

UPDATE! Alright and here it is- with leggings!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that your tats are really cool! Also, great refashion! I found it on refashion co-op. I love that site! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lolo!
    Like the print a lot!
    Wear it with leggings! ;)
    Kisses from Portugal!

  3. I love it with leggings, and I love it as a mini dress too, although I know mammas shouldn't wear things so short...we bend all the time. hehehe