Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mumu To Summer Top!

I have this lemon and lime printed mumu that looks like a tablecloth but I admit that I love cutesy fruity prints. So I decided I needed to do something to save it!

Tablecloth? Curtains?
So I got out my pins and chalk and got to work! After sizing it on my dress form I layed it down on my floor and pinned it. I couldn't do it on the dress form or I would never get it off the form- there is no zipper!

Then I sewed those sides in and chopped off the extra material with my pinking shears.

Bye pockets!
I tried it on to make sure I wouldn't need to add a zipper- thank goodness I could get in and out of it!
Next it was time to take off all that length and hem the bottom.

CHOP! Don't worry- I have plans for the bottom of this dress!

Then I sewed down that hem.

So with the bottom part of the mumu I made a sash- I just cut off the very bottom part that has a different lemon pattern.


And now my mumu is no longer! It has been transformed into a summer top!

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