Sunday, February 8, 2015

Operation Save My Favorite Tshirt!

I have this tshirt from H&M that I just love. I have had it a long time and one hot sweaty summer day I wore it to do the gardening. Afterward I left it in the dirty laundry for too long. So it got the dreaded awful nasty..... pit stains! I hate to even talk about it! I was so sad. They were barely noticeable so I thought maybe dying it would cover them up. I didn't realize at the time that that was a bad idea because the dye takes differently to the salty stains than the rest of the fabric. Here is what Im dealing with now:

GROSS!!!!! Im not even wearing this for a before shot. No.
I thought for sure this shirt was a goner and was about to throw it out. Then this morning I had an idea. So I got out the scissors and got to work.

First I cut off the sleeves to see how much stain was left. Then I got out my pins.

After I turned the shirt inside out I pinned from the top of the stain in an angled line down until the pins met the side seams. Then I sewed that line like so:

Next I chopped off the extra fabric.

And thats it! No more stains! Its now my favorite tank top!

I have no head today- its a bad hair day!

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