Sunday, February 1, 2015

Refashion In Red

So you remember this little number from yesterday? Here is a quick reminder of the before in black:

Well I also have this in red! I totally forgot to get a pic of the red in its before stage but it is identical in every way but color. Here is the process I took to refashion it, this time making it a tad bit longer (and not cutting off the zipper this time):

High quality brand but too big for me
So Like the other dress I folded it in half length wise and cut it off so the hem would be even. Then I took in the sides about an inch. It has a liner on the top half- I just folded it up and left it as is. It didn't make a difference when worn.

Then I hemmed the bottom like so:


Im getting better about sewing straight!
And all done! It was so easy I did both dresses in one day.


  1. Hi, another nice refashion!
    The red really looks better on you!
    Kisses from Portugal

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