Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kimonoesque To Awesome Dress

I got this sorta-kimono-looking dress from a thrift shop. It was in new condition and I fell in love with the print.

This is me not being impressed. Also not being awake yet.

So this thing was pretty big on me and had these long wide sleeves. It was bigger in real life than it looks in this picture.

The first thing I did was chop off those sleeves. I forgot to take a picture of that process. Oops. I used pinking shears to prevent fraying. I really hate sewing sleeves because it is hard to get the stitch straight on my machine with such a small area to work on but it had to be done!

Next thing to do was take in the sides about two inches with the help of my dress form. She still needs a name btw!

These sleeves had to go!

Time to take those sides in!

Thats was it for this refashion. I decided to leave the length as is. I may add a couple buttons in the center so the front doesn't flop open, but I am other wise super stoked on this one. This is my favorite refashion so far. I love the transformation of this dress!

Impressed now, but still not awake! Coffee pronto!

Im considering breaking out my work camera and taking actual decent photos soon because this phone camera doesn't create very clear images. I will update this entry once I do!