Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wen Hair Needs Help - A Review 1.0

So my husband got me a gift card for one of my favorite stores- Sephora. I have just about every beauty product they sell so I couldn't decide what to get. I had my mind set on a hair or skin product since thats what I have the least of. As I was walking up and down the store, sniffing everything, I came across the notorious Wen hair products. You know the ones- you see Alyssa Milano pitching this stuff on those long infomercials. I have always been curious but looking online I saw a mix of reviews. Everything from praise to horror stories about peoples hair falling out! So I started sniffing. Yes, the scent alone can be enough to tempt me to try a product and this stuff smelled really good! I am also very very lazy when it comes to hair and make up, despite my arsenal of supplies. So switching from shampoo and conditioner to one single product that will cover both those needs AND supposedly perform miracles on my frizzy wavy hair? IM IN!

I went with Wen SIXTHIRTEEN. The Sephora lady told me it was an extra conditioning version and I need all the help I can get. It smelled the best so that made it the winner! It has a soft, powdery and sort of herbally smell. The bottle says it smells like lemon, rosemary and vanilla. It was about $32 or close to it.

Here it is in all its glory!

It feels tingly when you apply it and I like this. My hair didn't require as much of the product as it suggested I should use despite my hair being pretty thick. I have used it twice now. After rinsing most of it out my hair, it was very easy to brush and felt squeaky clean and really soft. It doesn't feel waxy at all like some of the reviews suggest may happen. My hair is really shiny too. So far, not bad. Its far from a miracle though. My hair is still really frizzy and not at all like the hair in the commercials. Maybe I need to use it longer?

And here is my hair in all its not-so-glory!

So this is review 1.0 while I continue to use this product. I will post more reviews as time goes on and let you know if anything changes.

It might not be a miracle so far but I am happy to only use one product now and it smells and feels great in the shower. Stay tuned for future updates!

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