Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bringing Pink Back From The 70's.... Or Is It The 80's?

So I have this giant mumu from the 70's or the 80's. I can't really tell with this one. The print is very pink and kinda cute. Maybe. My vote is still out on if its cute or not. I figured I would see what I could do with it before sending it off to the donation bag in my garage.

Isn't it a beauty!?
So I started by folding it in half and cutting the length off. I folded it in half so the cut would be even on both sides.

Goodbye length!

Next I put it on my dress form and took in the sides with some pins and sewed that. Then CHOP goes a ton of material on each side! And the sleeves. Those went bye-bye too.

Thats like half the dress!

There goes the sides!

Finally I hemmed the bottom.

Hem hem hem.

Then I had to fold the edge of the arm holes in and sew that down. It was hard getting it through my sewing machine but I got it done! I don't have a pic of that, sorry!

And this is what I have left:

No shoes or dressing up this one- its still doomed for the goodwill bag!
It turned out pretty decent but it still isn't my cup of tea. It will be heading for the donation bag still- but at least now it will have a better chance of finding a new home!


  1. I like it and it looks goo on you.

  2. Echo Kathryn. Try it with a belt in a darker shade of one of the colours or black (of course).
    You could also add gores with some of the extra fabric, if you like that type of thing. I do.

    1. Thanks for the ideas- I need to try adding something to it!