Saturday, May 2, 2015

25 Items From Dollar Tree That Are Good Buys!

So I know I mention a lot of Dollar Tree items in my crafting blogs. I find DT to be a great place for crafting items and a lot cheaper than Michaels. But there is more that you can get at DT than just crafting supplies. I know some people are skeptics when it comes to finding quality at DT so I wanted to make a list of things I find there that make it worth the trip and save me money from avoiding buying these things at the grocery store.

I want to note that I have read recent articles about products at DT containing unsafe chemicals in unacceptable amounts and for that reason I do avoid buying food storage and most children's toys (some toys I still buy and will include those in the list.)

Things I often buy at Dollar Tree:

1. Good Sense Vanilla Scented Handled trash Bags. These particular ones come 10 to a box. Thats 10 cents a bag which I have so far found to be cheaper than any grocery store brand. You can actually find garbage bags at DT with up to 18 bags. But those don't smell as good as the first kind! I also get these rose scented bags for my bathroom and bedroom.

2. Plastic waste baskets and laundry baskets and storage baskets for drawers in the kitchen and bathroom or closets. They come in white and other colors. Some are better quality than others so handle them to feel how sturdy they are. I recently got some to store crayons and play dough.

3. hangers. They even have the velvet covered ones.

4. Cleaning buckets, squeegees and shower curtain hangers all found here.

5. Lint brushes. Lint rollers.

6. Toilet bowl brushes and dish washing brushes found here.

7. Hand dish washing liquid and disinfecting spray cleaners. Like this and this. Also hand washing soap comes in lots of scents.

8. Fabric sheets- although you can roll up a ball of foil for the same results and no allergic reactions and that saves even more money!

9. Dishes! So many cute ones too- even ones that resemble the Fiesta sets you find at Macy's!

10. Baking pans and sheets.

11. A lot of kitchen ware is great too- I should note I only buy the Betty Crocker brand spatulas though. The other brands may melt (eeeeek!) But the metal items are good to go!

12. Vases for flowers or crafting.

13. Balloons, cards, wrapping paper, gift bags and other party and gift supplies. Lots of baby shower, wedding, birthday, seasonal and other common party themed items too!

14. Gardening supplies! Solar powers lawn lights, gardening gloves, pots and pruning scissors are all things I have gotten and found to be good quality.

15. DT is awesome for school and office supplies. I get quarter rolls, thumb tacks, envelopes, stickers, coloring books and crayons and other such items at DT. Tons of stuff in that section!!!

16. Sidewalk chalk and other summer supplies like swimming pool floats and sand box toys.

17. I know I already mentioned this above but coloring books! My kid tears them up a lot so Im glad I don't spend much on them. They even have the giant ones that come with stickers.

18. Hair brushes and hair styling tools like hair bands and clips. Perfect if you have a child that loses these items often.

19. Tooth brushes. Even name brand tooth paste, although I don't buy that at DT. I do buy the tooth brushes for my kids because I have to replace them every few weeks.

20. I always get the Dora or the Snoopy baby wipes. The Dora ones come 80 to a pack and the Snoopy is about 70 if I recall.

21. Baby spoons, bath sponges, socks and other items. I don't buy drinking cups or food storage although they do say BPA free, so there is that. The bath sponges and other non food related items are often good buys. Bibs are good as mine often wear out, and get lost in the laundry. Not to mention I always needed so many when my kid was a baby!

22. Spices. I get certain spices and salt from DT. I need a lot of salt for dying clothes. The salt isn't cheaper than the grocery store at 50 cents but its about the same.

23. Pet grooming and clean-up. Often they have poop clean-up bags that come with cute designs, sometimes they just have the black bags. The black bags aren't as thick as the decorative bags but they still work fine. They also have dog brushes if you need those.

24. Certain painting supplies like brushes and pan inserts.

25. Lightbulbs, tape and other random items in this section. They even have decorative washi tape fairly often, although I don't use that so I can't tell you how good it is. But I do get light bulbs and regular office tape sometimes.

And lastly there is one other thing I always get at DT. I don't have a link because it isn't in season but every Halloween and Christmas they put out a village set. You can only get the whole set by ordering it online. Its super cute and I get both sets every year!

So stop by a Dollar Tree if you get the chance and check it out. If nothing else its a fun stop! If you are a crafter like me you may find a lot of items I haven't even listed here!

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