Monday, May 11, 2015

No Sew T-Shirt Refashion

I have done so many t-shirt refashions! If only I had pictures of them all. T-shirt refashions were my go-to fashion in my twenties. I would search for mens size large t's and turn them into everything from tank tops to dresses. There are so many options! Recently I acquired 4 new t-shirts that just wouldn't do as is. All of them are standard style t's- really straight large mens style. Kind of boring in my opinion. So instead of not wearing them I decided to refashion them into something I love. The first one Im going to show you is the shirt I got at the Blazers playoffs. Its way too big on me but I would like to be able to wear it to the next game I go to so I can show my support for my favorite basketball team! Here is a before- and these images won't to get too fancy guys, as Im battling an epic cold!

Not so flattering!

The first thing I did was lay it flat and make the neck hole larger:

Bye bye!
Next I turned it over and cut a V into the back like so:

This red doesn't like to be photographed with my iPhone!
Then I cut a straight line down the center of the back:

And last I cut from the straight line in the center two inches towards the sides all the way down on both sides, about two inches apart:

Next I tied those pieces together, which causes the back to gather:

Here is what it looks like when Im done:

And the front:

If I wasn't sick and exhausted I would style this up with a cute tank or bralet underneath. I have a band t-shirt that I did this with that ended up being much tighter. So the results may vary depending on the shirt. I will get a picture of that t-shirt and post it later with some of my past t-shirt refashions.

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