Friday, June 26, 2015

DIY Borax Crystals

This is a fun experiment to try with kids. Its also a good technique for making christmas tree decor or other decor- maybe for your garden?

You need:
20 Mule Borax powder
pipe cleaners
ribbon, wire or fishing line
a jar
a pen
a pan to boil water
measuring spoons
food color optional

First boil 2 or 3 cups of water- whatever will fill your jar. When the water comes to a boil add 3 tablespoons of borax for each cup of water one at a time and stir. Once its all stirred in pour it into your jar. You can add food color if you like.

Shape your pipe cleaner anyway you wish, keeping in mind to leave room for the growth of the crystals and enough space that you can get it back out of the jar later. Use a ribbon or some fishing line or wire to hang your shape into the jar from a pen. It should not touch any sides of the jar.

It should look like this:

Now let it sit overnight. This is my first attempt:

It didn't turn out great but it was my first try so I tried a spiral shape the next time. That one turned out much better:

You should be able to pull your string out of the crystal when you are done. I used wire and mine got stuck the second try so I snipped it off with scissors.

Next time I will try some color!

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