Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Halloween Repurposed Material Refashion

I made this bacon and eggs costume using old upholstery material, foam material and some felt I had leftover from my past burlesque and performance costumes. When I originally made it I stapled it all together. Since I know how to sew now I went back over it with my sewing machine. Its still a little rough looking but its a Halloween costume after all! Here are some pics of what I did:

I started with this. 

I simply cut out the shapes of bacon and an egg. Then I made some shoulder straps for the bacon so I can hang it over my shoulders. I also cut out some holes for the arms in the front of the egg costume. I used glue to attach the yolk and the bacon fat.

The staples were falling out so I sewed the egg back together:

I did the same for the straps on the bacon.

It was easy and cost me nothing since this is old material I had laying around that would never get used for anything else.

Thats me modeling both costumes. My husband will be the egg!

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