Monday, January 25, 2016

Dress To Top In One Chop!

The one thing I don't need more of in my closet is dresses (that won't stop me from adding more), however what I do need more of is cute tops that aren't tank tops. Tops that I can wear with jeans but also look good with a pencil skirt and blazer.

So just before I sent a bag of old clothes off to the thrift store, I pulled this dress back out and made new plans for it. Its cute but I was never going to wear it as a dress. I would probably wear it as a top though!

You're getting a second chance!

So after taking this before pic I measured how much I wanted to cut off the bottom, leaving enough extra length for a new hem. I placed a pin where I would need to cut

Then I folded it over so when I cut both sides would be the same length.


I rolled the lining up first and pinned that. Then I sewed the new hem.

I used the same zig-zag option on my sewing machine for hemming the lace because the lace is stretchy and I wanted a stitch that would stretch with the fabric.

Next I pinned and hemmed the lace. I was careful when sewing the hem not to pull and stretch the fabric. I made sure it was straight, but let the feed dogs move it through the sewing machine.

Here is the result. That white spot is my thrifted painted hutch reflecting light. I lost day light right as I started this project. Im pretty happy with the results!

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