Thursday, January 21, 2016

When You Find It In Good Shape!

...and I dont just mean in good condition. I mean the SHAPE! Like this lamp I found at a thrift store this last weekend. The round base and large straight lamp shade really caught my eye. I almost looked it over because it wasn't the right color for my house. Then I came to my senses and snatched that lamp right up! Nothing a little spray paint wouldn't cure!

Here is what it looked like before I "re-fashioned" it:

Its late here so the natural lighting is minimal- Ill post a nicer image tomorrow.

In the image above it looks very cherry red but it was actually a slightly burnt orange red. Pretty, but our living room is mostly yellow, grey and burgundy except for that mint green chair. It sounds like a lot of colors, but its actually not. Its all in the curtains and pillows! Anyway I bought a can of Sunshine Yellow spray paint and this is what it looks like now:

I love the yellow against the white furniture, which by the way is another piece I got at a thrift store and painted. It was a scratched up brown wood. I painted it with an eggshell finish white called Popcorn. No scratches to be seen and it looks a lot more modern than it did. I completely forgot to get a before of the hutch. Sorry!

And that dog painting?! I ALSO got that at a thrift store this weekend. Im a crazy dog lady so its perfect for me. I even have a Shih Tzu! Now I just need to find something to replace my bird paintings. I like them but I think I will move them to another spot in the house soon.

One last picture. This is a hutch I got from my neighbors garage sale for $2. Yep seriously. $2. I painted it white to match everything else and put new updated hardware on the drawers and cupboard doors. Its perfect for our foyer.

Night time lighting again.

So instead of shopping for new items that cost a lot, consider checking out thrift stores for a couple weeks. Look for shape and design and remember that you can always paint things and change out the hardware on things like drawers and whatnot. It can save you a ton of money!

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