Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wen Hair Needs Help- A Review Part 2

Remember back several months ago when I wrote this blog entry about Wen hair cleanser? Well it has almost been a year so I have a lot to share with you!

First my final review and thoughts about Wen. I used two different types of Wen for about 5 months. I also used it on my daughters hair. It smells great. My hair was clean for about 1 day after use but then became oily and weighed down by the next day unlike when I used traditional shampoos. I experience NO difference in hair health or texture or anything when using Wen. The only difference I did notice was when I straightened my hair. It was shinier and lad less fly-aways when it was straightened. I think thats due to the extra oils in my hair. I don't straighten my hair often but I did think that was a good thing! I do like the product. I like the idea of skipping shampoo as often as possible so that Im not stripping the oils out everyday. I think over time thats healthier. I don't like the oiliness the next day however. I have decided I will use a cleansing conditioner almost everyday for a week to two weeks and then do one shampoo. If I use the cleansing conditioner everyday then I can keep the oiliness in check. Its great for permanent use on my kids hair though. She doesn't need shampoo at all. I like it for that a lot.

Now that I have shared my experience using it I want to share something even better (I think)- I found other conditioning cleansers that are made with less ingredients and cost so much less! The first one I tried was As I Am Cleansing Conditioner. I don't love the container because you have to scoop it out, but besides that this stuff is awesome! Few ingredients, natural, and it smells amazing! Also you can get it at most Targets and Walgreens and it cost me $8. You can even keep your old Wen jar and put this product in there so you can pump it out.

The next one I tried was RenPure Cleansing Conditioner. Natural ingredients, and a little less than Wen uses in their formula (which means less for me to look up!) It smells amazing and its also only about $8. I found this one at Fred Meyer. The container is the same as Wen so no scooping needed!

Sorry its sideways!

So I have concluded that while I like Wen I will probably never use it again. I can't justify the cost. You have to use a lot of product and I have found equal or better products for less money. I also will probably always use shampoo occasionally. But I like that I found something healthier for my hair that I like.

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