Saturday, May 28, 2016

Altering A New Dress

I bought this new dress from It looked super cute online. Of course the model is probably a lot taller than my 5'4" height. I knew it may be too long but it was more than too long. It was also too big in the sleeves and just wasn't fitting right. Let me show you a comparison:

Modeling wearing dress on

Me in the same dress :(
I couldn't return it because shipping it back to NJ was going to cost as much as the dress! Next time I will know to order smaller.

So I got to measuring and then pinning. I put the dress on my dress form and pulled the hem up and pinned it. I planned to cut off the extra after sewing it, that way I could make sure it was the length I wanted it in case I needed to redo it. I would later regret this decision.

This will turn out to be a bad idea.
Then I hemmed it. I tried it on and its all good so I cut the excess length off. I tried to be very careful not to snip any of the dress while doing so BUT oooooops! I was sooo sad to find I had made an accidental tiny snip at the bottom of the front of my dress just above the hem. You can sort of see it in this pic:

Can you see that little tiny snip? GAHHH!!!!
If only it had happened on the back of the dress I wouldn't have been so mad at myself! I did have a solution but it wasn't a perfect one. Almost! But not quite.

I cut out a tiny piece of path and ironed it to the back of the snip. You can't see the snip from the front but you can see a circular shape if you are looking for it. Oh well. Reason learned I guess. Anyway heres how my hem looked after cutting it off. I couldn't use my pinking shears to cut this material so hopefully it doesn't fray.

So next up was the sleeves. Im not going to try to make them tighter but I did make them smaller. I thought about removing the cuffs and resewing them on but when I tried to pick out the thread it would snag the material so I abandoned that idea and just did a normal hem.

Not too difficult of a refashion. Actually this may be more of an alteration than a refashion. So its not exactly my dream dress but it is a lot better than before. Im still thinking about taking it in on the sides but I haven't decided yet. It IS still a bit too big in the waist and on top.


  1. I think your dress looks good but think maybe it would look even better if you had done hand sewn hems around the bottom of the dress and the sleeves. The hems become almost invisible if you sew carefully.