Saturday, July 30, 2016

Reducing The Racy

I found this dress at a thrift store and I liked it.... BUT its not a dress I would wear. Im more of a flowy A-line dress wearer than a tight dress wearer. I knew I could solve this dilemma with a quick refashion. So I have set out to reduce the raciness of this garment.

Here it is in all its tight and ruffly glory:

Im past my burlesque days and so is this dress!
So I got out my pinking shears and got to work. First a chop! I folded it in half to keep my cut even on both sides.

Don't worry ruffle- I have later plans for you!
Then I had to take the back of the straps out because they criss-crossed in the back. I wanted them straight. I picked the thread holding them in instead of cutting them off. Then I uncrossed them, re-inserted the ends of the straps and pinned them in place.

Finally I folded the new bottom in twice and pinned that. Its ready for its new hem!

Here is the final product- a new sexy shirt I can wear with jeans!

Ta-da! A little more casual and will get more wear from me!
Almost! Then I decided it needed one ruffle at the bottom. So I took that ruffle piece and I cut one ruffle off the bottom.

And then some more pinning!

And NOW ta-da!!!

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