Monday, August 1, 2016

Fall Time Wreath

I am already getting into Fall crafts and its been a long time since I did any crafting too! The first thing I made was this wreath. I got everything at Dollar Tree except the scarecrow which I already had. You can use something besides a scarecrow so get creative!

This project cost me $5 to make.

What is needed:
basic twisted wreath
any decor you wish to use like a scarecrow or flower or anything! (can get at dollar tree during the late summer and fall or also at Michaels Craft Store)
thread or string
hot glue gun

First I unwrapped the raffia and wrapped it around the twisted wreath. Terrible image below but you get the point. At several points I snipped off a piece of raffia and tied it around the wreath to keep the raffia in place.

After I had it arranged the way I liked I pulled some fake flowers and leaves off the plastic stems and used hot glue to attach them to the wreath. Some of them I glued to the raffia and some to exposed twisted wreath. I glued the leaves down first and the flowers on top of the leaves.

I placed them mostly on one side but you can make your placement any way you see fit. 

On the other side I chose a spot I wanted my scarecrow to be. Then I glued some leaves down first. Instead of gluing the scarecrow onto the wreath I tied it on over the leaves with sewing thread. I simply wrapped it around his neck and tied it all the way around the wreath. You can't even see the thread. 

Then I used the same thread to tied a loop around one twist in the wreath at the top so I can hang it from the wall or door.

And thats it! It was quick and easy!

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