Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mini Halloween Scene

I made this a couple months ago and have been meaning to post it before Halloween. I love making miniature scenes like this. Here it is is in its finished form:

I found all of my supplies at Dollar Tree and Michaels Crafts.

Glue Gun
Fake moss
Some fake trees or plastic leaf backs from artificial leaves.
Various other miniature decor of your choosing

I got the wooden stable I used as a building at Dollar Tree in November. Its meant to be a nativity stable but it works great for other projects like this one. Just painted the back wall orange. I sorta wish I had used purple now. Oh well.

Then I glued the gate and the plastic back of an artificial leaf (a tree for this project) to the background and used a puffy ghost sticker to stick between the gate rails.

Oops its sideways!


I had a miniature bird in a cage so I used some sewing thread and hot glue to attach it to the ceiling.

Then I started gluing my little figurines and other decor the the floor. I placed them all first to see how I wanted it arranged before I started gluing to avoid mistakes with spacing.


I love these! So cute!!!!
I used fake purple moss around the bottom of my tree to hide the plastic mound at the bottom.

At the time I didn't have a grave stone figurine so I made one myself with some paint and a rectangle Woodsie piece. I glued some smaller Woodsie pieces to the back of my "grave stone" so it had some width to glue it down with.

And its done! Such a fun craft to make!

I later got a grave stone figurine from Dollar Tree and Im going to replace my wooden stone with the new figurine soon. I'll update this post once I do!

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