Friday, December 16, 2016

Fish Bowl Snowman

I dont recall where on the internet I first saw this idea but I loved it instantly. I have seen this done with both 2 and 3 fish bowls. I made mine with just two because Dollar Tree only had two sizes. Its a pretty easy craft to make.

Here is what you need:

Mod Podge (I used glossy)
Fake Snow
Figurines, pine cones or flowers- or anything festive you would like to display in the bowls
Hot glue
Santa hat ornament from Dollar Tree
2-3 different sized fish bowls
Small paint brush or sponge

Oh- and a messy crafting table to work on!

First I decided what would go where. I placed items in the bowls to see how they would look before I got started.

Then I used a paint brush to paint Mod Podge around the bottom of each fish bowl. While it was still wet I sprinkled glitter in the bowl and shook it around to cover all the Mod Podge. I let it sit and dry for about 30 minutes after.

The next step was to glue my decorative items to the bottom of the fish bowls. I used a Dollar Tree snowman figurine, a bottle brush tree, a white pine cone and some silver glittery leaves. I snipped the leaves off the stem and I did not glue those down. I simply placed them in the bowl around the pine cone because gluing them would probably be more difficult than its worth.

Next I sprinkled fake snow around the decor.

Some people glue the bowls together and glue the hat on top. I decided not to do that. I didn't feel it was needed and was afraid of dripping glue on the sides of my fish bowls. So I just stacked them. Also now I can change up the decor easier if I like.


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