Friday, January 20, 2017

Newest Thrift Haul

I listed this post under both Hacks and Fashion because I think thrifting is a way to hack for a good deal on items and I also got some cute things for my daughter to wear so... fashion! I love going thrifting and try to do so often. The thrill of hunting for treasure is so much fun and it totally pays off when you find something really good on the cheap.

This week I went to two local small thrift shops that I dont normally find a lot of treasure at but I still stop by occasionally because the prices are appropriately low, unlike at Goodwill. One was having a half off sale on everything. I scored pretty big this time. I recently broke the insert to my slow cooker which I use frequently. I was hoping to find another slow cooker while thrifting so that I could find a new insert for less than $20. I found a new slow cooker for $10. Perfect condition. Even better than the one I have! Its larger than mine so I won't be able to use the insert on mine but I dont mind having two of different sizes and at $10 I won't be sad if I just use this new one from now on.

I feel like I should excuse a couple of these images- I took them on my iPhone in low light so one is a bit blurry and two are sideways. But you'll get the point!

Oh the yummy things I will cook in you!

I have been looking for a salad spinner for a long time now and I finally found the perfect one for $1!

Spin salad spin!

And this cutting board! Exactly what I needed to replace my old one and only $1.50!

I have to clean it still but its in great condition!

Candles for $1.50 or less and one even has the accompanying Bath and Body Works candle holder included- those things aren't cheap.

And finally some of my favorite finds are these two dresses I found for my mini-me. One is a princess themed dress from the Disney store and the other is Osh Kosh Bgosh for kids. $3 each and $3 for the like-new Hello Kitty shoes.

I promise she'll wear it right side up! ;)

I need to break out the iron, I know!

We love Hello Kitty!

Thats the haul for this week! Pretty stoked!

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