Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thrifty Shoe Fashion

I thrift shop for a lot of my clothes. It's a great way to find something unique and in good shape and all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine and it's good to go! It's also a great way to find high end designer fashion at a fraction of the cost. There is just something thrilling about scoring a good deal. It's like a treasure hunt! The only thing I rarely purchase while thrifting is shoes. First of all the last thing I really need is more shoes to add to my collection of over 400 pairs, right!? Right. Secondly, I have always felt like wearing used shoes was a little weird. I mean... someones foot has been in them! Maybe yuck or maybe not yuck depending on how one feels personally about other peoples feet. I do make some exceptions though and shoes that look unworn are a-ok in my book. Oh and a bottle of rubbing alcohol can make them feel less questionable! Just use a cotton swab and wipe down the insides of the shoes.

So now I will show you what I recently found at a couple thrift stores in my area! The first pair were brand new and unworn with the tags attached. They are by Madden Girl and I spent $6.99 for these. Im in love with the floral print and the lace up design. I don't own any shoes like these, surprisingly.

Yes that is a drunk puppy on my ankle. Don't ask- its a long story and as far as Im concerned what happens in Orlando stays in Orlando!

This next pair is BCBGMaxaria and I scored these pretties for $5.99. They didn't have tags but appeared entirely unworn based on how the soles looked. I really didn't need more strappy gold heels but they were so simple and pretty... and cheap!

And the last pair are not new at all. In fact they are somewhat old but looked as though they had not been worn much. They are in great condition, and made of fabric-wrapped leather. The puffy fur tops are real fur (second hand is the only way I will buy real fur), and they have a line of rhinestones across the top that you can't really see in this image. Even the soles are made of leather which I found unusual. I love how vintage they look. They were the most expensive pair I picked up at $8 but there was a half off sale that day so I snagged these for $4!

So there you have it- my latest thrift haul!

Do you ever score shoes while thrifting? Feel free to leave a comment with a pic!

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