Sunday, May 7, 2017

Try Products For Free!

I love getting free stuff- I mean- who doesn't right?! I found Influentser online and signed up. This is a website where you fill out some surveys about yourself and they match you up with products you may possibly be interested in. They send you a box of sample or full size items and all you have to do is use them and post about it! Its pretty simple and really fun. Its like getting presents in the mail.

I have done two campaigns so far I am really enjoying it. Currently I am working on the "Daisy Vox Box" and I love that one of the things they sent me was non-GMO popcorn! Oh and yogurt. I love food!

I had also just run out of coconut shampoo and probiotic gummies and guess what was in my box?! Coconut scented shampoo and probiotic gummies! Amazing timing Influenster!

If you have a little extra time for free stuff you should try it out!

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