Monday, July 24, 2017

Instagram And I Ran Away

Yes that is right- I ran away with Instagram (I @thedazzlebomb) and took a little break from the blog. I needed a creative breather and focusing on taking pictures of things I love was helpful. No sewing or making anything,  just lots of pretty pictures! Since Im back though I thought I would share some of that with you so hopefully you will feel enticed to follow me on Instagram too! And I promise not to go away for so long again. In fact I have a couple of projects coming up to blog about including a huge dream catcher I am making, a picture frame of faux plants and of course shoes and some new fashion finds.

This is what I was trying to achieve during my break:
BEING FABULOUS!!! Aren't these so cute!?

Of course most of my IG account is pictures of shoes because thats my favorite thing and what I collect but I have also recently made some adorable make up purchases. I found the most amazing iridescent highlighter recently. Its like unicorn magic or fairy dust! It changes color with the movement of the light and really makes your face glow!

That brush though!
It's called Stila Heavens Hue in Transcendence. This image does not do it justice at all. I need to do some swatch tests to show you. And that brush is called the Frushy brush. I have two because it is hands down the best brush for applying foundation. It gets every nook and cranny. The other most popular new item on my makeup table is Too Faced Natural Love eyeshadow palette. One could fall in love with it simply because the packaging is amazingly beautiful but the shadows don't let you down. They are highly pigmented and the colors are unique. Here is a sample of whats inside:

Who names these? I want their job!
Another reason I was taking a break is because I turned the big 4-0 this month and I spent much time celebrating and shopping! Of course I shopped mostly for shoes but I also found a couple of cute things in random places. Like this adorable doggy planter at Forever21!

It goes perfectly with my doggy ring holder! And its my favorite color of blue.

I have so much stuff I want to share with you and show you but I can't put it all in one blog entry. I have so many new thrift finds for instance. Im going to try them all on and style them and get some fabulous pictures in these new finds and I will make a whole blog entry all about that. Its amazing the brands and steals you can find thrifting! Little secret- I find almost all my 100% silk dresses while thrifting. Im not sure why so many of them get donated but I find perfect condition beautiful dresses that never go out of style.

Well I better get to styling and taking some pics so I shall leave you with a picture of my new favorite shoes! They are made by Wild Diva Lounge and you can find them at AMIClubwear. Super easy to walk in and really comfortable:

Much love! Until the next round.....

And dont forget to follow me on Instagram @thedazzlebomb!

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